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Small Scale Water Bottling Plant 60bpm

Small Scale Water Bottling Plant [ ISI ] - 60bpm

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Product Capacity :    60BPM - Bottle Per Minute

Product Light Consumption:   8kw

Minimum Order :   1

Product Availability :   In Stock

Rs.   1650000

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Min Orderable Qty 1 Piece
Item Condition
Brand New
1 Year from the date of installtion
All Over India
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Small Scale Water Bottling Plant - उद्योग कैसे शुरू करे

निर्माता से जानकारी ले

First thing to come when we plan - how to start small scale water bottling plant in India. Regardless of anything else prosperity factor, people support drinking mineral water to check their success. Thusly, enthusiasm for packaged and purified drinking water has developed a spectacular scale. Packaging Plant India have a by and large amazing experience and having specialists to analyzed this routinely creating interest and have organized the most fitting courses of action as requirements be. Little scale water packaging plant and foundation requires a massive cluster of courses of action masterminded together adequately. 

We offer a master line of responses for a productive and sensible drinking packaging plant foundation. To pass on our answers in the most ideal manner, we have designated clever experts, sharp strategists and competent boss. We never miss on a singular development update to ensure most inventive solutions for our clients. 

Offering these  arrangements altogether to our clients for what sort of licenses are required for the drinking water plant setting up small scale water bottling plant. 

We join headway and development to display best scale game plans in this field. Our middle is to pass on flawlessness in water treatment, packaging purified water and mineral drinking water plant game plans close by free consultancy about little scale water packaging plant. We deal with a wide game plan of courses of action running from foundation to fix, upkeep and supply of additional parts. Our lord counsel is continually available for our clients. We hope to show to you the right route towards your decision of setting up water treatment plant. 

Q1. step by step instructions to begin small scale water bottling plant ? 

भारत में पैकेज्ड पेयजल संयंत्र कैसे शुरू करें 

Might you want to start your own little scale water packaging plant ? If really, by then you have come to address spot, I am sharing all around requested strategy of starting a mineral water plant or packaged drinking water plant in India. Solicitation of packaged drinking water is growing exponentially in networks and urban territories in India. This is evergreen business and there is place for everyone who need to wander into this opportunity. Adventure required in this business depends on various segments, not many of them are given underneath :- 

First choose the creation limit of the packaging drinking plant. 

Choose as indicated by Inspection and consent on place which plant is being arrangement 

Compute the Transportation cost 

Ground water source and quality test 

Choose hardware creation limit as indicated by your necessity –, for example, packaged, pockets, container, and so on. 

On the off chance that we go for little undertaking arrangement so approx the venture will be close to Rs 35 lakhs or on the off chance that you go for enormous creation and for huge investments spending will be almost 75 lakhs. 

Q2. What sort of licenses are required for small scale water bottling plant? 

इसमें किस प्रकार के लाइसेंस की आवश्यकता होती है ? 

Need to take enlistment from Small scale industry (Certificate) 

AOA and MOA record required for the business 

Required - ISI accreditation from (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards 

Required this Pollution control declaration from neighborhood contamination board office govt. of India 

Feed water test report from research facility 

Required Pest control (testament) 

Q3. At the point when you need to go for Packaged Mineral Water Business plan, so Branding and Marketing is the key purpose of this business so how to initial start?

As the enthusiasm of packaging drinking water is growing rapidly, you have to get the market and start propelling your picture as soon you start creation. Join publicizing costs in your field-tried methodology and use it in like way.



Model                                         HSMT/RFC/060/CP                                                          
BPM for 1 liter 60BPM
Rinsing Head 12
Filling Head 12
Capping Head 6
Power - KW 8kw
Dimension mm L 2400 X W 1250 X H 2400


Product Mineral Water Bottling Plant | Mineral Water Plant
Container                     Pet Bottle (Application using Neck holding)
Nos of washing nozzles 12
Nos of filling valves 12
Nos of Capping heads 6
Filling volume 200ml – 2000ml
Production Capacity

60 bottles/min of 1000ml

(The speed will vary depending upon volume to be filled).


Main Drive motor– 2.0 HP

Air Conveyor Blower 1.0HP

CapHopper 0.5HP

Un-loading Conveyor 0.5H.P


Overall Dimension

Length– 1660mm  (Of the machine) (Appox)

(Not added in-feed & out-feed conveyor)

Width 1550mm

Height 1762mm

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Customer Questions & Answers

Does we required any license for Mineral water bottling plant?

Yes from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

What we need along with this bottling plant?

bottling plant with 2 conveyor + blow molding machine 2 or 4 cavity + Storage SS Tanks with Ozonator + BIS Approved Laboratory + Wrapping Machine + Labeling Machine.

What is the warranty of whole machine ?

1 year from the date of billing.

Can you provide me in Nepal?

Yes already we have delivered so many machines in Nepal you can take reference from us.

Does supplier support installation ?

Yes All over India

Does Supplier help for getting ISI License from BIS Govt of India?

Yes we do free consultancy for our clients.

how can we get this machine via courier or buy transport?


Do we have to purchase blow molding machine also along with this plant?

Yes 2 cavity or 4 cavity depend on your requirement.