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Mineral Water Bottling Plant 30bpm Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Bottling Plant 30BPM | Mineral Water Plant

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Product Capacity :    30BPM

Product Code :   307500050

Product Weight :   800kg

Minimum Order :   1

Product Availability :   In Stock

Rs.   750000

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Min Orderable Qty 1 Piece
Item Condition
Brand New
1 Year from the date of installtion
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This model of mineral water bottling plant and Mineral Water Plant with pneumatic for toughness, solidness and maintenance free design with new advance technology. Certain interior system of the machine, for example, Cam, chain, and sprockets and rest outline structure and so on which will be inside and not uncovered will be of Mild Steel cladded with Stainless Steel-304 sheet and item contact parts will be of Stainless Steel-316. There can be some minor changes and adjustment in the Technical details for the best improvement of the machine, while planning according to your prerequisite. 

1. In-feed Air Conveyor – 8feet 

2. Out-feed Slat Chain Conveyor-16feet 

3. Investigation Light – 1No. 

4.Cap lift Loader-1Set 

1.Machine design: 6x6x3 (rinser-filler-capper) absolutely mechanical machine for strength. 

2.Machine will be made in Stainless Steel-304 grade and item contact parts in Stainless Steel-304. The machine base edge will be in Mild Steel. 

3. The pet bottle load on the mouth of the Infeed Air conveyor. A blower is fitted over the casing of the Air conveyor. The air pushes the pet bottle further naturally and the bottle enter the Mono square Rinsing, Filling and Capping machine. Complete length of In-feed Air Conveyor is 2.5 mtr. 

4.Machine having 6 washing nozzles working under pressure of de-mineralized water. The machine does exclude centrifugal pump for de-mineralized water. 

5. The desired supply of water @ 200 Ltr. Every hour and 40 PSI pressure. The pet bottle from the air conveyor will be taken by the star haggle by two sets of fingers. 

6. The grasping fingers will hold the pet bottle by neck and vital guide bars will reverse the restrain site somewhere around 180°. Properly altered pet bottle will get water from the washing nozzle on the back of the machine. The washing will work from 90° to 270° rotation of the machine. 0° position is in the front of the operator. 

7.The washed pet bottle will be taken by the star wheel under the filling nozzle. The machine will have 6 filling stainless steel nozzles. The bottle will be raised to the filling nozzles by lifting cam. The bottle will be squeezed against filling dividers and a similar will open. On the off chance that no container is there the filling valves won't open. The water under vacuum will be filled into the pet bottle. 

8. When the pet bottle is full and during rotation of the machine worth will be shut emphatically and bottle will be brought down and moved under the capping head. During transfer bottle will pick up the cap from the cap bucket.

9. The pet bottle will enter the topping turret. The machine having 3 capping heads. The top lift will sort and convey the tops to the chute. By movable elastic hurls, tops will be solidly fixed. Properly topped bottle will be moved on the release transport or will be inline for further application or taken to the gathering table for further packing. 

10. Done wraparound shell for rinser - filler – mono block with Stainless Steel-304 cladded, machined stage with exact area for gathered lodgings. Principle drive engine will have variable speed AC drive for simple guideline of machine working velocity. 

11. Out feed slat conveyors 5 mtr long each, with Stainless Steel-304 supports. Conveyor gear motor.

Note : We have ready turnkey mineral water bottling plant and Mineral Water Plant available 24hrs.


Model              HSMT/RFC/030/CP
BPM for 1 liter 30BPM
Rinsing Head 6
Filling Head 6
Capping Head 3
Power - KW 2.0
Dimension mm L 2400 X W 1250 X H 2400



Product Mineral Water Bottling Plant | Mineral Water Plant
Container                     Pet Bottle (Application using Neck holding)
Nos of washing nozzles 6
Nos of filling valves 6
Nos of Capping heads 3
Filling volume 200ml – 2000ml
Production Capacity

30 bottles/min of 1000ml

(The speed will vary depending upon volume to be filled).


Main Drive motor– 2.0 HP

Air Conveyor Blower 1.0HP

CapHopper 0.5HP

Un-loading Conveyor 0.5H.P


Overall Dimension

Length– 1660mm  (Of the machine) (Appox)

(Not added in-feed & out-feed conveyor)

Width 1550mm

Height 1762mm


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Customer Questions & Answers

Does we required any license for Mineral water bottling plant?

Yes from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

Does we required 3 phase light for it ?


What we need along with this bottling plant?

bottling plant with 2 conveyor + blow molding machine 2 or 4 cavity + Storage SS Tanks with Ozonator + BIS Approved Laboratory + Wrapping Machine + Labeling Machine.

What is the warranty of whole machine ?

1 year

Is there any extra charge for Installation in Nepal ?

No - So many machines already installed in Nepal

Does supplier support installation ?

Yes all over India - Free

What is the capacity per/minute?


Which size we can use in this machine?

200ml - 250ml - 500ml - 1000ml - 2000ml

Can i get this machine in Punjab?


How can we get this machine via courier or via private transport?