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bottling Plant bottling plant manufacturers in india

40BPM - Bottling Plant / Bottling Plant Manufacturers in India

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Product Capacity :    40BPM

Product Code :   409250059

Product Light Consumption:   6kw

Minimum Order :   1

Product Availability :   In Stock

Rs.   1450000

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Min Orderable Qty 1 Piece
Item Condition
Brand New
1 Year from the date of installtion
All Over India
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40BPM - Bottling Plant / Bottling Plant Manufacturers in India

for 200 ml to 2000 ml. - बॉटलिंग प्लांट विक्रेता निर्माता


We are pleased to send our best quote for our programmed NECK holding , filling and capping machine 40 BPM ,for packaging non carbonated mineral water in standard scope of PET bottles & plastic cap fixing. 

(1)    INFEED CONVEYOR/AIR BLOW CONVEYOR: 4 feet in length infeed conveyor with S.S. guided. Have to load manually empty bottle on this conveyor.


(2)    RINSING SYSTEM (8 head) The pet bottles are automatically picked by the rinsing motor, utilizing spring stacked grippers. Containers are transformed automatically to begin the flushing cycle which much of the time utilized item water as the wash medium. Mechanical flush valve gives the component, which shields against wastage of treated water. Than after bottles are held at the neck, there is no bending of the bottle profile. Toward the finish of the flushing cycle, the jug is depleted of most remaining water, before being fixed and gave over to the filling motor. 

(3)    FILLING SYSTEM (8 head) The filling framework fills each bottle to the ideal volume embracing the Vent pipe 

Filling rule for precise filling. The mechanical spring stacked filling valves are activated consequently by the restrains when lifted to initiate filling. In this stage again the jugs are held at the neck by neck holding lifters. The machine working pace can be fluctuated utilizing variable speed AC drive. 

(4)    CAPPING SYSTEM (4 head) In capping framework the bottle held at the neck immovably during topping to create completely watertight outcomes. Tops are feed into the machine by a programmed top lift with a SS 304 ground level container which can suit up-to 2,000 caps. The top lift feed tops at the ideal rates to the top pickup motor of the machine. 

(5)     OUTFEED CONVEYOR 16 feet in length SS support conveyor with SS direct.


New neck handling with free suspension machines, makes bottles change over extremely simple, can change from 

one bottle size to another in matter of minutes. 

1) All Full Stainless steel neck handling care of plate 

2) Fully fixed units with enormous safety glass windows for observation 

3) All move parts lower than filling valve 

4) No filling when there is no bottle, saving water 

5) Magnetic screwing heads with capping torque movable from 7-25 inch/pound 

6) All Parts reaching with completed item are made of AISI 304 and Anti-Ozone Food 

Evaluation material. 

7) All pipes are disguised to give better look and build floor space 

8) Extremely Quite machine 

9) Low water sensor electric test in the production tank to control the water level


Note : We have turnkey bottling plant available 24hrs.  We are the well experienced and reputed bottling plant manufacturers in India


Model                                         HSMT/RFC/040/CP                                                          
BPM for 1 liter 40BPM           ( 200ml-2000ml )
Rinsing Head 6
Filling Head 8
Capping Head 3
Power - KW 6kw
Dimension mm L 2400 X W 1250 X H 2400


Product 40BPM - Bottling Plant / Bottling Plant Manufacturers in India
Container                     Pet Bottle (Application using Neck holding)
Nos of washing nozzles 6
Nos of filling valves 8
Nos of Capping heads 3
Filling volume 200ml – 2000ml
Production Capacity

40 bottles/min of 1000ml

(The speed will vary depending upon volume to be filled).


Main Drive motor– 2.0 HP

Air Conveyor Blower 1.0HP

CapHopper 0.5HP

Un-loading Conveyor 0.5H.P


Overall Dimension

Length– 1660mm  (Of the machine) (Appox)

(Not added in-feed & out-feed conveyor)

Width 1550mm

Height 1762mm

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Customer Questions & Answers

What we need along with this bottling plant?

bottling plant with 2 conveyor + blow molding machine 2 or 4 cavity + Storage SS Tanks with Ozonator + BIS Approved Laboratory + Wrapping Machine + Labeling Machine.

Does we required any license for Mineral water bottling plant?

Yes from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

What is the warranty of whole machine ?

1 year from the date of billing.

Can you provide me in Nepal?

Yes already we have delivered so many machines in Nepal you can take reference from us.

Can we increase production capacity upto 90bpm?


Does supplier support installation ?

Yes All over India

What is MOC?

Stainless Stell

Does Supplier help for getting ISI License from BIS Govt of India?

Yes we do free consultancy for our clients.

how can we get this machine via courier or buy transport?


What is the light consumption?