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Bingsu Snow Ice Machine Snow Ice Cream Machine

FWT - Fully Automatic Bingsu Snow Ice Machine Snow Ice Cream Machine

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Product Capacity :    60kg/day

Product Light Consumption:   0.36KW 8.64 Unit/day (Single Phase 220v 50hz)

Product Weight :   290x485x340mm 18kg

Minimum Order :   1

Product Availability :   In Stock

Rs.   56200

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These machines are essential for creating delightful frozen treats like Bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) 

Bingsu Snow Ice Machine

  • Description: A specialized machine designed to finely shave of ice into a fluffy, snow-like texture, ideal for creating Bingsu desserts.
  • Benefits:
    • Precision Shaving: Ensures consistent and fine texture, crucial for authentic Bingsu.
    • Efficiency: Quickly transforms ice blocks into the desired snow-like consistency, reducing preparation time.
    • Customization: Adjustable settings allow control over the thickness of the shaved ice, catering to various preferences.


  • Restaurants and Cafés: Perfect for Korean dessert establishments or any eatery looking to offer unique frozen treats.
  • Events and Catering: Adds flair to dessert stations at weddings, parties, and corporate events.
  • Food Trucks and Pop-Ups: Enables mobile vendors to serve Bingsu on-the-go at festivals and markets.

Bingsu Snow Ice Machine come with 1 year warranty on all spare parts.


The Bingsu Snow Ice Machine is a versatile piece of equipment designed to create the finely shaved ice used in traditional Korean dessert, Bingsu. Here's a brief description along with its benefits and uses in different places:

Description: The Bingsu Snow Ice Machine is specifically engineered to finely shave ice into delicate, fluffy flakes, resembling snow. It typically consists of a compact design with a motorized blade system, capable of producing consistent textures ideal for Bingsu desserts.







Snow Ice Cream Machine

    • Specifically crafted to churn and freeze liquid mixtures into creamy, smooth snow ice cream.
    • Benefits:
      • Creaminess: Produces soft, velvety ice cream with a light texture reminiscent of freshly fallen snow.
      • Versatility: Accommodates various flavors and mix-ins, allowing for a diverse range of ice cream creations.
      • Speed: Rapid freezing capability ensures swift production, reducing wait times for customers.
    • Uses:
      • Ice Cream Parlors: Enhances offerings with a unique twist on traditional ice cream flavors, attracting new customers.
      • Dessert Bars and Cafeterias: Provides an innovative dessert option for patrons looking for something different.
      • Hotels and Resorts: Elevates dessert menus with premium snow ice cream options, enhancing guest satisfaction.

In summary, both the Bingsu Snow Ice Machine and Snow Ice Cream Machine offer efficiency, versatility, and quality, making them indispensable tools for creating delectable frozen treats in a variety of culinary settings.

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